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Help a poor kitty that was shot.

This kitty was intentionally shot with a .22. The cat lived, but needs major surgery on her jaw.

Link to the owner's post.

Pre-Phantom post.

Wheeee! Phantom of the Opera tonight!!! (not the movie, the opera!) I've been wanting to see it since I was about 10, when my grandmother first introduced me to the story. Thus, der Junge is taking me to see it. Yay for boy!

I stayed home sick today, and the kitten keeps curling up with me. She keeps watching the cat food ads, but other than that she just sleeps. Hmmm.....they have food in their dishes...
Lacking exciting news here. Just really excited about tonight.

The Intreweb has pissed off today

Actually, the site designers have.

Trying to apply for health insurance: I've been assured by my employer that there is an online enrollment form. For the life of me, I have yet to locate it. I can locate the paper form. The site mentions an online enrollment in the FAQ, but no link. In fact, the question was "What do I if the online enrollment doesn't work?", which provides no assistance to me. Thinking I just missed it, I read through *everything* to no avail. *sigh* So I send them a help request asking where the god damn link they keep referring to is, but in nicer terms than that.

Then I tried to find out the hours of a dentist office by going to their website. It had a very pretty front picture, which once clicked led to messy world of pretty, but completely useless flash programming. All I wanted to find out was their hours. Of course, for all the time and effort they put into their pretty display, they neglected to provide such basic information.

I went to another dentist office's website, which was white bread compare to the Triple layered cake type of website I had just been to. They had all the basic information, including what I needed on one very simple page. I'm calling them on Monday to schedule an appt.

Not a new lesson: Most fancy web designs are useless. All I need is the information. I don't need any fancy flash intros for a dentist's office, and I just want to be able to find the important items on your website. Don't bog it down with lots of frames and useless decoration. I'm happy with the simple, clean design as long as I can get the information I need. If I want to look at pretty websites, I'll go check out those that actually utilize their fanciness is a good way.


I am more hardcore than you

I now have two titanium rods embedded in my skull.

Free loveseat to a good home

The "loveseat" is made up of two end parts of a sectional couch. The two parts can be used either as chairs or as a loveseat couch.
It's eighties style, but not horribly so. A light tan color with some brown and white cross striping. In good condition.

Happy Deathday!
Your name:tagaboo
You will die on:Sunday, June 27, 2021
You will die of:Caffeine Overdose
Created by Quill

On the subject of work

The computers are conspiring against me today.
The woman next door just stopped by to tell me that her flat got broken into last night.

I open the door, and she asks me if an adult is home and if she can talk to one of my parents.
After I told her I am the homeowner, she asked how old I am. She was rather taken aback with my reply.
I thanked her for confusing me for a minor.

Riddle me this

The answer:
Artist: Alphonse Mucha
Piece: The Polestar (1902)

New Icon

I have finally gotten a different one.
Aside from mausch, can you guess what it is from?

A tuppence to the first to answer correctly.